December 12, 2010

Show Me The Metal Colombia!

Colombia is a country of misunderstood.
In fact the Colombian government put forward a campaign to stop the negative stereotypes in popular culture. The campaign is called Colombia es PasiĆ³n” and aims to educate the foreign world about the false depictions in the media – so let us not associate Colombia with drug lords and terrorism!

Let us rather associate Colombia with something more fascinating like the festival Rock al Parque.
Firstly, Rock al Parque is FREE! Secondly, Rock al Parque is aimed at teaching the youth about respect, tolerance and participation through music. Thirdly, Rock al Parque does not accept sponsorship from alcoholic and tobacco companies as well as commercial companies. It rests on the City Cultural Authorities for sponsorship.
The iniative began in 1995 with local bands and a few international bands were added to the list through the years. It is one of the largest festivals in the world as well as one of the few festivals that hold seminars and productivity workshops focusing on music for the youth.
Once again, I have no news for 2011 dates but keep your eyes peeled for information at the webpage.

Fun Fact: As of 2004, Rock al Parque became the largest Spanish speaking festival in the world.

The Next Blog will be an insider scoop on Festivals in Czech Republic! 
Yours Truly - The Metal Goat


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