December 13, 2010

Show Me The Metal Czech Republic! (Part Two)

Surprise, surprise! Czech Republic has more Metal Festivals to offer. This festival lasts 4 days in the summer of July and takes place in Rudolf Jelinek Distillery in Vizovice. Which open-air festival am I writing about?

Masters of Rock  

The host agency Pragokoncert has brought to you Masters of Rock since 2003. The idea and aims behind the concert was to uplift the Czech music scene as well as bring foreign bands on to Czech soil.
2010 hosted several bands each with their own repertoire but each band remained true to the hard rock/metal genre [if you want to debate about that].

213 days to go till Masters of Rock 2011! According to Czech Press releases – Finntroll, Eluveitie, Guano Apes, Hammerfall, Tleskač and 29 other bands are in the line-up! Damn, awesome!

For more information on tents, tickets and agression:

Yours truly -The Metal Goat

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