December 29, 2010

Band Horn: Zero Division (Germany)

Hair Metal is something very different therefore I am not particularly a fan. Conversely, I saw this band on stage and they impressed me. They look like they walked out of a vogue catwalk but their lyrics, vocals, style and crowd interaction told another story.

So, with nothing to lose and everything to gain, Zero Division has entered the music industry! The five-piece Glam rockers, from North-Rhine Westphalia, proved that they are smart, cheeky and determined to revive the 80’s Rock panorama.

The D.I.Y attitude of Zero Division has permitted to the self-produced EP release of Through the Night in August 2010. The EP may lack certain professionalism but the quality of song writing and production is remarkable. Zero Division confirms that it is not about quantity but quality that makes a superior EP.

Smooth vocals, distinctive musical arrangements, a showdown of glam and on-stage vigour are what Zero Division is made of. So much so, that they won the Breaking the Silence Band Competition 2010 by TaktArt. The prize entails a four-day session at the Big Easy Studio. With the sounds of commercial success, one can only expect better.
Look out for the Glam Rockers who have the definite X factor – they could be the next big obsession. (And you read it here first!) 

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December 28, 2010

Band Horn: Chromium (South Africa)

"The limits are only those that one creates, and Art doesn't have limits," states Hannes from Chromium, a prominent Metal band in South Africa. He is on point! Chromium is a D.I.Y band with no limits and that is how they have earned a reputation worthy of enigmatic character, brutal Metal and diligent artistry.

Chromium started as a "bedroom project" in 2005 except it expanded to a successful release of albums, quality endorsements as well as a 2010 tour in the United Kingdom.

"The tour went great man, it was a lot of fun and a great bonding experience for us, I think every time we do something like this it brings the guys closer together, which inevitably ends up in the band’s live performance being tighter and a lot more energetic!" says Jared of Chromium. He adds that the highlights were, “making our own Black Metal music video in a cemetery - just for fun! Standing at Stone Hedge definitely made me feel like we’re on the road to making a difference, it’s hard to explain but when you can stand there with your guys and know that we’ve done this together – it’s quite rewarding.”
Unfortunately there are the not so rewarding parts of a tour as Hannes points out, the low lights are “not sleeping enough.”

Jared Gunston is the guitarist of the band as well as the producer behind the Chromium albums. As Hannes says, “It works great; Jared knows what he wants so things get done quicker.”

Chromium is currently in recording and according to Hannes and Jared; the album will be out in April 2011 whilst the Album launch is in March followed by a tour in South Africa. The album will be significantly different than the previous releases with more thrash metal and pleasant melodies.

Every band progresses (or at least should reach a level of progression) and the same goes for Chromium as Jared enlightens. “I think we’ve all become a lot more comfortable with each other, we trust each other on stage so there’s never a moment where you’re thinking -oh no, here comes that part we’re all gonna screw up! Our saying at the moment is we just Wing it and we do, keeping the shows natural and fun. Hannes has started doing a lot more crowd interaction now that he has a microphone as well as harmonies, Justin and Adrian really gets the crowds going too.”

Many bands are judged by their influences or their genre. So, please don’t ask, what does Chromium sound like? Rather make your own opinion and follow the link

In my opinion, fucking awesome for a band who has been in the running for five years! Their artistry is of high quality and as a band they are professional. In fact, Chromium just proved that they are limitless.

Final Words:

The Metal Goat: If each Chromium Band Member could give another Band Member an award for 2010, what would it be? (I won’t ask why!)

Jared: I’d give Hannes the Piele Certificate. Justin the ZY Trophey and Adrian the Bleh Card.

Adrian: Jared - the fish bowl award - it will be a mini gold fish bowl trophee, Hannes - the sunday lunch award, Justin - cleo award

Hannes: Adrian, for having the guts to start all this again and to Shaun Pearson, who had the guts to follow his dreams.

Yours Truly - The Metal Goat

December 23, 2010

Blog off with the Metal!

Apologies to the readers for blogging off - been doing too much of that:

 Next week before the New Year got more posts on Metal Festivals, interviews with German bands; Zero Division and Chronic and a special interview for 2011 with Lordi!
If you have any bands that you want to see featured on this blog or any suggestions to add - leave a comment.

Until then keep it Metal! Feel the steel!
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December 20, 2010

Show Me The Metal Finland! (Part Two)

Finnish Metal Events Oy is well-known for hosting the Finnish Metal Expo (see previous blog post) and Tuska Open Air Metal Festival.

Tuska Open Air Metal Festival

Tuska “Pain” Festival is one of the largest Heavy Metal festivals in the Nordic countries since 1998. The festival takes place predominantly in June and July, in the surrounding areas of Helsinki, Finland.
In 2002, 2005, 2008 and 2010; tickets for Tuska were sold out! Don’t you just find it awesome when people support the steel?

So where do the wayward souls go to for 2011? Tuska Open Air Metal Festival will take place on the 22-24 July 2011 at the new location of Suvilahti, Helsinki, Finland. Four stages, over 50 Metal bands and a crowd of steel! Expect to be brutally murdered by Arch Enemy, At the Gates, Exodus, Enslaved, Meshuggah, Killing Joke, Kvelertak and many more!

There is a ticket special price happening at this time so visit:

Jalometalli Metal Music Festival

Live Music organizers in Oulu, Finland, got together in 2002 to put a special Metal event. However, it was in 2004 that the plan came together and the first Jalometalli Metal music festival was held with a line-up of 21 bands.

Over the years, the festival grew and has hosted several foreign bands. In 2005, Jalometalli added another feature called the Jalometalli Winter Festival.

For 2010, Jalometalli had an indoor and a mainstage. Both stages featured awesome Metal bands like Gorgoroth, Carcass, Triptykon and many more.

If you want to know more information or get updates for 2011:

(Photo by: Mikko Törmänen)

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December 15, 2010

The Memory Remains (2)

Hellfest in France by A French Girl

I just love Hellfest. I went there three times and I plan to go back there this summer. The first time I went there it was in 2007. There was a big fuss because on the first day there were huge problems concerning the organization. Some bands didn’t play, and there was a very long delay of several hours on the main stage (at this time there was one main stage, one middle-size stage and a small one in a tent). The weather really sucked, it was muddy all over the place. And it’s because of the weather that they had technical problems (water + electricity = not a good combination) on the main stage.
What I remember is that despite the weather, the wet socks, the “sleeping in the car because it was so muddy and dark we didn’t want to camp after all”, I really had a lot of fun! The billing was great, I think it was the best billing I’ve ever seen! Well I guess I’m exaggerating a bit, but believe me, seeing Emperor on the last day was totally magic, literally. I just remember I was never bored.

I went back there in 2008 and 2010. The billing was great as well (otherwise I wouldn’t pay 130 fucking Euros) and the weather as well! The organization got better and better. Still the toilets/showers are not perfect at all but I think you can’t expect much from metal festivals, or even from festivals in general. Since 2008 they’ve added some fancy decoration, at night it really looks great! (You certainly have to google it!) Sound quality is average. Sometimes it’s really good, sometimes it really sucks, especially on some scenes. It’s a pity because almost all the black and death metal bands play under the “Rock Hard” tent, but I found that the sound was always awful. So when you really like black and death and don’t really want to see the bands on the main stage, you’re quite fucked.

Oh that’s something I really love about Hellfest: the billing is REALLY various. I think there are all metal genres. I love the balance between straight-forward metal (hard rock/heavy/black/death), punk/hardcore, and doom/stoner/sludge. I personally like stoner rock a lot and the festival always offer some great stoner bands! Some years you can think there’s not enough black metal, that’s why some of friends don’t want to join. But as I enjoy other genres like stoner, I’m almost always happy about the billing.

On the other hand I think there are too many bands. Therefore there are some bands playing at the same time and when you like them all you really have to choose.

One huge downside is that food is so fucking expensive in Hellfest. I am French and Hellfest is a French festival, and man, I can tell the prices are a joke. A big joke that isn’t funny at all. Fortunately the drinks are not too expensive.

The Memory Remains

Metal Heads show support for the steel and have sent in a number of reviews from their personal experiences at Metal Festivals. Most of these festivals - I have not covered as yet on Air Guitar Blog but don't despair - I will get there.

Sonisphere Bucuresti by Metal Head from Norway
Awesome shows, chaotic festival.

I went to Sonisphere Bucuresti because Manowar played there. The Big Four, Manowar, Heaven and Hell and Rammstein was one of the best line-ups I had ever seen!

One example of poor organizing was after we entered the festival early on the first day. We entered to get a festival wristband or something similar. That we didn’t get and we had to keep our tickets throughout the festival. By the third day my ticket (which had been in my pocket) was so torn that I was yelled at by the ticket lady. When we were leaving still early on the first day a girl by the entrance told us we couldn’t leave! Once we were inside we had to stay. We laughed at this of course and another guard let us out, but this gave us a feeling that things were a bit chaotic.

The bands delivered. Manowar melted our faces for one hour, which was way too short. And the big four delivered great gigs each one better than the last. Sunday was sweltering and Anathema soothed my tired head while I sweated out yesterday’s beer. Rammstein closed the festival in great style with a wide array of pyrotechnics and disturbing behavior.

I had a couple of gripes (the queue for the toilets and the food became melted into one) but chaos and metal go hand in hand right? 
[No doubt!] Overall an awesome festival!

Show Me The Metal Finland!

Kimmo Kuusniemi said it best on his documentary title; Finland is the Promised Land of Metal. Think about it, how many Finnish bands have made it to the Metal Charts? How many Finnish Bands have a good repertoire in non-European countries? Why is Finland more accepting of Metal as opposed to other countries?

Nobody can attest that Finland is the Land of Metal but to gain understanding as to why the small Scandinavian country has a big following in Metal – watch the documentary.

The documentary is by Kimmo Kuusniemi who formed the band Sarcofagus in 1978, officially the first Finnish Progressive Heavy Metal Band. Kuusniemi left Finland when the market for Metal was barely existent but returned in 2008 to question the philosophy and history of Metal since the market expanded in his absence.

Finnish Metal Expo

Established in 2005, the Metal Expo is said to be every Metal Head’s dream come true. Not only do you get to greet and meet bands and fans but you are in for a festival and Metal awards. Always a winner when the Metal goods can be updated at the merchandise market.

At the 2010 festival Korpiklaani, Apocalyptica and Swallow the Sun made an appearance. If 2010 was given the Metal nod then 2011 – should raise the stakes.

Next year expect The Man-Eating Tree, Battle Beast, Accept, Deathchain and Sabaton to take to the stage. The 2010 Finnish Metal awards, the Industry Day and the Century Media band contest will be taking place on the 17-19 February 2011.

To get a one-day ticket or to rub shoulders with the Metal monsters, visit

I know - I know! This Blog Post is far from over! I have good reasons for that and the readers will see it shortly. So in the next Blog, Finland shows more Metal!

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December 14, 2010

Show Me The Metal Denmark! (Part Two)

Royal Metal Festival

Metal Royale – a Danish non-profit organization hosts the Royal Metal Festival annually since the establishment in 2006. Not much information has been leaked into the internet about Royal Metal Festival but a lot can be said about the 2010 line-up; Sepultura, Decapitated, Sodom, Hamlet and many more. The 2011 line-up should be even better!

Metal Royale hosts a number of smaller events as well as a Battle of the Bands and Metal promotions in Denmark.
For more information, photographs and events to keep you moshing, visit

I am a little hesitant blogging about Roskilde Festival in Denmark. To my knowledge – it is one of Europe’s biggest festivals and brings in a staggering number of fans annually. Dating back to 1971, Roskilde hosts its own media, camp sites and theatre acts.  

Truth be told, it is not a Metal festival rather a World Music festival – hosting the biggest names in all music genres.
For example; Black Sabbath and Snoop Dogg shared a stage in 2005 while Metallica and Robbie Williams played after each other in 1999.

Nonetheless, if you want to know more about the nude run and the like – visit

I know the readers are going to raise the Horn to the next Blog post - Heavy Metal Festivals in Finland!

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December 13, 2010

Show Me The Metal Denmark!

Denmark has produced some fine citizens from Johannes Vilhelm Jensen to Hans Christian Anderson as well as Metallica drummer, Lars Ulrich. Surprisingly, Denmark is also home to a number of Metal festivals.

Velkommen to Kill-Town Death Fest

Underground death metal heads come to surface at the D.I.Y festival in Denmark held by a group of music enthusiasts called the “Undergrundsmusikkens Fremme”. The aim of the festival is to put an emphasis on music and bands as opposed to money and fame. There are no commercial sponsors and the festival is based on voluntary work. Furthermore, there are no appointed Headliners as all Bands have equal treatment.

The year of 2010 saw the debut of Kill-Town Death Fest with bands from Scandinavia and a few from outside the European borders. Copenhagen is the base of Kill-Town Death Fest over a period of 3 days. At the festival, the audience has a variety of events, access to merchandise stalls, food stalls, cinema showings, kicker tables and 2 show stages. Also to note, that all food served at the festival is vegan.

So far dates have been announced for Kill-Town Death Fest 2011. No bands have been confirmed as yet but do keep an eye out at
 Fun Tip: Kill-Town Death Fest allows volunteers to enter the festival for free. If you would like to know more information, click on the above link and navigate the page to “volunteer”. Good deal, right?

Aalborg Metal Festival

The concept of Aalborg Metal Festival started in 2002 and since then has been an annual event. The year of 2010 saw a massive rumble in bands such as Napalm Death, Katatonia, Orphaned Land, Vira and Macabre.

Sometimes a concert is just not enough so the festival played host to a Zombie Fashion Show by RagnaRock Fashion. A Metal market was opened to the public with a number of merchandise, music gear and assorted Metal collectables. Then there is the infamous Captain’s Cabin! In other words, Metal Karaoke!

If you think you can add “more cowbell” then visit for more information.

Day of Decay

Day of Decay is a Metal festival that made its first appearance in 2010 and is also located in Aalborg. The 2010 line-up consisted of bands from Denmark, Sweden, Germany, United States and one United Kingdom band – Trigger the Bloodshed.
The festival works on a two stage basis – one being an indoor venue and the other being an outdoor venue.

To help the Danish music scene, Day of Decay hosts a warm-up music festival with the supporting acts taking to the stage. This took place before the official Day of Decay festival.

The Day of Decay 2011 website is under construction – have a look next year.

In the next Blog post: Denmark (Part Two)

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Show Me The Metal Czech Republic! (Part Two)

Surprise, surprise! Czech Republic has more Metal Festivals to offer. This festival lasts 4 days in the summer of July and takes place in Rudolf Jelinek Distillery in Vizovice. Which open-air festival am I writing about?

Masters of Rock  

The host agency Pragokoncert has brought to you Masters of Rock since 2003. The idea and aims behind the concert was to uplift the Czech music scene as well as bring foreign bands on to Czech soil.
2010 hosted several bands each with their own repertoire but each band remained true to the hard rock/metal genre [if you want to debate about that].

213 days to go till Masters of Rock 2011! According to Czech Press releases – Finntroll, Eluveitie, Guano Apes, Hammerfall, Tleskač and 29 other bands are in the line-up! Damn, awesome!

For more information on tents, tickets and agression:

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December 12, 2010

Show Me The Metal Czech Republic!

I had an exchange student from Czech Republic visit me in South Africa. Her last words were, "If you ever want to party - come to Prague!"
I have not been there as yet but after reading an insider scoop by A French Girl, I might just jump boats and ferries to Brutal Assault Festival!

A fortress is the desired location of Brutal Assault Festival and has said to be able to hold a capacity of 15 000 extreme Metal fans! Not only does the fortress create a labrynth but it also resembles a minature city.
2010 marked Brutal Assault's 15th anniversary with 75 bands from around the world, 2 stages and 3 days in Josefov.

A Metal Head, French Girl shares her experience about Brutal Assault with The Metal Goat.

What were the highlights of Brutal Assault?

It was so so cheap! Everything! The ticket was around 50€, the beer is 1€ (0,5L) or maybe even cheaper, I don’t really remember, thing is you know it’s cheap so you don’t really think of it. Plus you have many brands to choose from (I did not try all but I think it’s a highlight for other Metal Heads).

You can use both Euros and Czech crowns to pay for the tokens you need for food and drinks. The rate between Euros and Czech crowns was very fair furthermore they don’t get any benefit from accepting Euros and that was very nice.
The billing was great, I think it was a good balance between well-known bands and less-known bands. I think the billing is more focused on “extreme” metal, from what I remember there were no bands like Epica or Nightwish nor bands which sound like AC/DC, Airbourne and no Iron Maiden or Judas Priest. Not many mainstream bands (you can always argue on what is mainstream and what is not, this is an endless discussion). It was more focused on death metal, hardcore and black metal.

I think the organization was cool as there was almost no pause between the two scenes and still the sound was surprisingly of good quality, with or without earplugs. Of course there were some changes in the line-up and we were informed only the very day but with so many bands I think it is something you can’t avoid. Every festival has to face this.

What were the low lights of Brutal Assault?

I think they need more money to put more lights on the camping site and on the way from the camping site to the concert area. The food was quite various in the concert area but on the camping site you did not have much of a choice. You could not even have a simple Coke there, only beer and bottles of mineral water. (That is also a good thing about this festival, they sold bottles of water!) In the concerts area you had much more choice concerning food and drinks.

What was your impression of the Bands? Will you recommend Metal Heads to go to Brutal Assault?

I think the bands were really good and as I said before the sound was of fairly good quality. I would totally recommend this festival to other Metal Heads! I think the festival really deserves it! But in a way I guess it is quite well-known already, as I felt like 50% of the people were from abroad! Of course it’s just a feeling, I don’t know the real statistics but there were so many German and Polish people. I also met some other French, English, Australian, Danish people.

On the other hand I like when you feel that it is not mainstream and I’m afraid that if the festival gets more popular, it’s going to grow mainstream.

I’m really looking forward to seeing the billing for next year because if it is good I will try to go back there! Prague is such a beautiful city! The festival is quite far from Prague (approximately 130Km) but it’s a good opportunity to see Prague either 3 days before or three days after the festival.

French Girl has expressed her opinions - now let me read your thoughts.

Brutal Assault 16th edition will be taking place on the 11-13 August 2011. Rumours and press confirmations agree with Morbid Angel, Suicidal Tendencies, Kvelertak and Trigger the Bloodshed as 2011 headliners. 
For more information, please visit

Metal Heads are feeling the steeeel! Throwing a Goat Horn to the readers in Norway and ofcourse - French Girl!

Yours Truly - The Metal Goat

Show Me The Metal Colombia!

Colombia is a country of misunderstood.
In fact the Colombian government put forward a campaign to stop the negative stereotypes in popular culture. The campaign is called Colombia es Pasión” and aims to educate the foreign world about the false depictions in the media – so let us not associate Colombia with drug lords and terrorism!

Let us rather associate Colombia with something more fascinating like the festival Rock al Parque.
Firstly, Rock al Parque is FREE! Secondly, Rock al Parque is aimed at teaching the youth about respect, tolerance and participation through music. Thirdly, Rock al Parque does not accept sponsorship from alcoholic and tobacco companies as well as commercial companies. It rests on the City Cultural Authorities for sponsorship.
The iniative began in 1995 with local bands and a few international bands were added to the list through the years. It is one of the largest festivals in the world as well as one of the few festivals that hold seminars and productivity workshops focusing on music for the youth.
Once again, I have no news for 2011 dates but keep your eyes peeled for information at the webpage.

Fun Fact: As of 2004, Rock al Parque became the largest Spanish speaking festival in the world.

The Next Blog will be an insider scoop on Festivals in Czech Republic! 
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December 09, 2010

Show Me The Metal Canada!

Webbed feet, long teeth and a broad tail - now that is one awesome rodent species out of Canada.  Go Beaver!

Heavy MTL
The Heavy MTL festival started in 2008 in Montreal. It is a two day festival and has featured the likes of Mötley Crüe, Iron Maiden, 3 Inches of Blood and Anthrax. In 2009 the show was cancelled due to many Metal Acts hosting private shows in Canada but in 2010 the Heavy MTL festival expanded with more stages and more sponsorships.
However, this is one of the few festivals that also support fundraising events and create smaller scale shows in non-festival time. That is a huge part of Heavy MTL's success and judging from the Twitter Tweets - it can only get better. Sadly, no bands have been announced for 2011  but the dates have been given.

Noctis Valkyries Metal Festival

Scarab productions host the annual Metal festival in Calgary. The festival history dates to 2007 with Noctis Valkyries the First, hosting local and international bands. In 2009, a unique aspect to the festival was added and it was the conference room. The Metal Music conference room included many workshops on band management, DIY recording, live interviews with Noctis Bands, items of interest in regards to Metal and a photography seminar.
In all honesty, Noctis sounds like it was created by the fans for the fans. Scarab productions really knew how to target a market and sell, sell, sell.

The 2011 festival is yet to be officially announced so click on the link to keep updated and snoop around for conference dates.

Fun facts: Sam Dunn and Scott McFadyen own a Toronto based production company called Banger Films Inc. They both explored the stereotypes and the history of Metal in the Headbangers Journey documentary. In 2008, Global Metal was released in which Metal is shown beyond the borders and how it is being transformed in different cultures; some cultures accept it and some don't.
If you have watched either of these productions - leave a comment.

In the next Blog - Metal festivals in Colombia and Czech Republic.

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December 08, 2010

Show Me The Metal ... Fail!

As I was about to hit enter and publish the next blog, a couple of events took place:

Which resulted in HARDWARE FAILURE!

As my laptop lays dying in some back office for the week - I resort to Blog vacation.

Yours Truly - The (Metal) Goat

December 05, 2010

Show Me The Metal Bulgaria!

If you had a Rock/Metal band sing your country’s anthem, who would you choose?
Manowar sang the Bulgarian National Anthem in 2007 and 2008 at the Kavarna Rock Fest. How awesome is that?

Kavarna Rock Fest

This festival was formerly known as the Kaliakra Festival and made its debut in 2006 featuring Twisted Sister, Helloween and Testament. In 2008 Manowar was given official status by the municipality of Kavarna as well as featuring a five hour long concert. In 2010, the official name change took place as well as the festival moved over a three day period featuring Korpiklaani, Primal Fear and Atrocity.
The 2011 festival line-up is yet to be announced.

Sonisphere Festival

Here is a bit of a Festival history lesson brought to you by yours truly. Metallica helped invest and conduct in the Sonisphere Festival however Metallica did not sign a contract to be the Headline band. The “travelling festival” was originally an idea by a Live Music events official, Stuart Galbraith. The Sonisphere has originally been designed to move around the European countries but recent rumours are plans for a Global festival.
The festival works as six one-day festivals around various parts of Europe. In 2010, eleven countries hosted Sonisphere each with a well received reception and headliners were Rammstein, Iron Maiden and Metallica.

Sonisphere will move into 2011 with new venues planned and Slipknot will be headlining alongside bands to be announced on 6 December 2010.

The reasons for Bulgaria being famous during the Sonisphere Festival is due to the Big Four playing live altogether on one stage. Metallica was joined onstage during the showby members of  Megadeth, Slayer and Anthrax for a performance of the Diamond Head song, Am I Evil? This is a treasure for the History of Metal Books.

Fun Facts: The Big Four were on the stage one after another but did not play altogether in Turkey 2010 after the show in Bulgaria.

I got side tracked with watching the DVD release of the Big Four so in the next Blog post, Sam Dunn's hometown gets a visit. In the mean time, have a look at the documentaries of Heavy Metal by Sam Dunn and Scott McFadyen entitled Metal: A Headbangers Journey, Global Metal, Iron Maiden: Flight 666 and Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage.

Yours Truly - The Metal Goat

December 02, 2010

Show Me The Metal Belgium and Brazil!

Despite being famous for chocolate, beer, waffles and French fries, Belgium hosts two major Heavy Metal festivals. (Note: French fries have absolutely nothing to do with France – it is the manner in which the potato is cut. To French means to cut into slivers)
Back to the Metal in Belgium:

Graspop Metal Meeting

I have to admit the gras and pop names threw me back into a Hippy vibe but never judge a Greek by his name. Graspop Metal Meeting has hosted thee best Metal acts since 1996. Iron Maiden, Slayer, Motorhead, Megadeth, Saxon, Manowar, Sepultura, Judas Priest (phew!) and the list goes on. As the official logo on the site reads “three days of intense metal experience” – I have no doubts!
The 2011 official line-up goes up on 6 December 2010.

Metal Female Voices Fest (MFVF)
For those of you who are going to scorn – go ahead but this is real and it’s been going strong since 2003. Grrrl!
It is conducted by the Metal Organization Agency (I learn something new everyday) and is held predominantly in October.
The list of female vocalists in the Metal genre is expanding and has become less of a gimmick. The 2011 Line-up includes Nemhain, Echoterra, Benedictum and Draconian. For those who do not know these bands - go look them up. This blog serves as an awareness.

I typed in “Brazil” on the Google  search engine and the first hit;
Beautiful Brazilian girls …
Go figure!

Apart from the beautiful people in Brazil – there is also the largest Metal/Hard rock festival called Rock in Rio. It is the mastermind creation of a Brazilian entrepreneur.
The festival was originally held in Brazil and later moved to Portugal and Spain. Rock in Rio hosted some of thee most credited Metal acts and gathers about 1.5 million people every year.

Unfortunately Rock in Rio became an alternative scene and other genres of music were explored but nonetheless – if you want to see Sepultura, Metallica and Iron Maiden share a stage – then let’s rock to Rio.

Fun fact: McDonalds sold 58,000 hamburgers in a single day which is a Guinness World Record at the First Edition (1985) of Rock in Rio. 
In the next Blog post - Metal festivals in Bulgaria and Canada.

Yours Truly - The Metal Goat

Show Me The Metal Australia and Austria!

If there is one thing in common on 99% of the World's To Do List, it is travel! Everyone wants to experience some kind of foreign land for some odd curious reason. Admit it, if you had money - you would probably be spending most of it travelling and less of it on your retirement plan.
For Metal heads, travel is a way of seeing the many desirable people that bring the Metal to life. How far and wide would you go to see your favourite Metal band?

Whatever your response is, dedication is the common factor.
If you were a Metal-fester, with money or a good thumb for hitch-hiking, where will you go?

Soundwave (Australia)

The continent down-under hosts the Soundwave music festival annually around the major cities. For the 2011 line-up, Iron Maiden has been confirmed and so the army of fans are being called in as well as those of Slayer, Queens of the Stone Age and Slash.
Fun Fact: Soundwave hosts Walk the Plank - it is a feature on the official website for the fans to have an online chat with their favourite bands.

Wait, there is more! The No Sleep Til Festival makes its debut on 10 December 2010. It's headliners are confirmed to be Megadeth, NOFX and Parkway Drive. If this festival is a success then you can only expect more.

Nova Rock (Austria)

Two stages in three days and the biggest Metal and Rock acts in the world! The event draws around 90,000 - 100,000 people over a 3 day period with an average of  30,000 - 35,000 fans per day. Nova Rock held a brutal 2010 show with Rammstein and Amon Amarth as one of the many many headliners.
Rumours for 2011 acts are System of a Down, Volbeat, Sick Of It All and Asking Alexandria.
Fun Fact: Spiritual Quotes from the Nova Forum - all the quotes from drunken Band Members and the Officials.

In the next Blog post - Belgium and Brazil Metal festivals.

Yours Truly - The Metal Goat